Curl Up With a Good Book
It seems fitting that my first book post would be about a Jodi Picoult book seeing how she is my favourite author!!!  I've read every single one of her books, including her book of short stories - and none of them have let me down.  Her new book is no different.

If you know Jodi - you know that her books all take on controversial issues - so the hot topics of "Sing You Home" include "Same-sex" rights, AND Invitro-fertilization and the topic of remaining embryos being "property" or "people" - a property disagreement, or a custody battle??

I enjoyed it.  I wouldn't rank it in my Top 5 favourites of Jodi's books - but I still really enjoyed reading it. My favourite thing about reading her books is that I find she always puts you in the middle of a moral battle, and while you think you stand strongly on one side or the other, she spends so much time arguing both sides, that she leaves you wondering if you actually know where to stand.  She's put me "back on the fence" on so many issues that I thought I clearly knew my stance on!!!

There is an accompanying CD that is supposed to help you to "feel" the characters better, but my Kindle didn't support the audio file, so I haven't actually heard it yet.  

If you're looking to start reading Jodi Picoult, don't start here - but send me a message and I'll help you find a good place to delve into her reading.  I often describe her as being the "John Grisham for chicks" - so if you're going to read her be prepared for court cases, multiple sides to a story, and CONTROVERSY - it is her specialty!!!!

Did you read it? Let me know what you think!!!!!

I got a Kindle for Christmas!!!

It's kind of a funny story!

I had been wanting a Kindle for quite some time, and unbeknownst to me my loving husband had ordered me one for Christmas!!! When Kyle's Mom & Dad came down, we all went shopping together for Christmas presents (because that is just kind of how they do things!) and they decided they would buy me an e-reader for Christmas!! Kyle somehow managed to convince me that I wanted the Kindle, and he promised he'd order it for me as soon as we got home!! After me begging and begging to order it, Kyle finally gave in, and admitted that he already had!!! It ended up being from Kyle's Mom & Dad, and Kyle got me an equally as exciting "actifry"!!

I LOVE my Kindle. I think the biggest thing I love (and Kyle hates) is the CONSTANT access to books.  They are literally at my fingertips - thanks to the convenient keyboard - and I can be ordering a book anytime, and almost anywhere!!! Although Kyle thinks one day we'll no longer to be able to put food on the table, the books are a great price - thus irresistible!!!

I didn't think I'd like reading off the screen - but within 5 pages - I was over it! It's great that you can change font sizes, change the screen orientation, or have your kindle read to you (in a rather robotic voice) if you get tired of using your own eyes!!! I also love that you can lay it down - on your lap, on your table, or on your treadmill stand - and not have to worry about trying to hold i open!!! 

It's easy to use - so far - no problems!!! I can buy books over the Wi-Fi, or from my computer using the cord!!!

I'm not advertising Kindle over any other brand of e-reader - because the Kindle is the only one I have and know!! From what I have heard from other people who own e-readers - no one is disappointed!!!!

Top 3 things about my Kindle:
1) My Jodi Picoult book was delivered wirelessly to my house the SAME DAY it was released for half the price it cost to buy it in hardcover!!!
2) One click shopping - it goes straight to my credit card.... CHARGE IT!
3) The 9 books I have read since I got it - are not sitting in a pile on the floor since my bookshelf is full.... and furniture shopping has dropped in priority on my To-Do List!!!

I started blogging once! But I put WAY too much pressure on myself!! I was being a perfectionist - rather than letting my blog be my journal.

This is my "Blogging Mulligan".

I'm going to use this as my journal.  The times I am most inspired to write, are after reading, so this will most likely be a place for me to promote my favourite books.... have book talks with myself (and any willing participant), but also to share stories - you know - the ones in life you THINK should be in a book!!

I've switched my Blog from Blogger to Weebly.  A new start - a new website. That and I HATED editing the blog on Blogger. This place is WAY more user friendly - other than that my blog had to have a homepage - but whatever!!