Curl Up With a Good Book

Heaven is for Real 

I stumbled upon this book on accident really. It was in 'Recommendations for You' on Amazon - and I desperately needed something to read on my Kindle.  Within pages though I was hooked and by the end I had tears rolling down my cheeks. It is touching, and moving, funny & exciting and frankly... it has some pretty adorable parts!!
I think that anyone can read this book - obviously though it is written by a Christian, and it is about God & Heaven... but it may be the book that makes a believer out of you!!!

What gets me most about the book is that the Dad doesn't seem to be a quack.  I've since watched plenty of interviews, done more reading about the Burpos, and became a fan on facebook.  They seem like down to earth people who aren't in this for the "fame & fortune" of it.  

Maybe the other thing I loved about it is that after you read it, it's hard NOT to believe in Heaven - and not only that there IS a Heaven, but that it is as great as we've always imagined it to be!!! I find comfort in the people & animals that Colton talks about being there.  I guess it gave me a sense of peace - and it seems like it gave me the permission to let go of that chunk of grief that we tend to hold on to - the fear of the unknown.  

The book kind of makes you feel like you've just been told that everything you "hoped" was true - for the sake of those you have lost, and for yourself - really is.  It's the book that makes you feel like rainbows & kittens inside!

I've been asked if I believe it's possible that it is all made up - or that the child just has a vivid imagination and can make realistic pictures of things he heard in church.  Yes, it is COMPLETELY possible... but my feelings about it are similar to that of placebo pills.  It doesn't matter if it is just in my HEAD that they are making me better, what is important is that it is making me better.  Similarly, it doesn't matter if Heaven isn't REAL (because ultimately, by the time you find out, you'll be dead!).  If it gives us peace of mind, in times of grief & sorrow, and it makes us optimistic about "life after death" so we go through life living happier, and not fearful of the future - then it doesn't really matter if it turns out that it really is just another book.

 I think if God was going to reveal the truth to Heaven about anyone - it would be a child.  Heaven IS for real.....

When you live in Canmore - Heaven seems just that much closer!

Holidays - A Cruise in Review!!!

I have been on Spring Break for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 - - I can sum up teaching in Canmore with 2 short phrases: Jean-day-every-day. And. 2 weeks of Spring Break.

Week 1 we went on a cruise! It was FABULOUS!!! We were firs time cruisers - we had NO idea what to expect, and in order not to be dissapointed I set my sights low. I imagined a dingy, small boat, little light, crowded, line ups, and smaller than possible rooms!!! I was thankfully wrong about all of those things!!!

The boat was beautiful. It had tons of windows to see out to the Ocean, and it rarely felt crowded.  The food was AMAZING - I couldn't believe how much food there was!! We had a beautiful room with a gigantic king sized bed, and those white sheets that you just die to crawl into at night.  For some reason "white sheets" seems soothing to a sunburn!!!

I really enjoyed the "activities" side of things and we wandered from Trivia games, to shows, to karaoke, to .... well .... more trivia because we REALLY liked the Trivia challenges!! We even joined in on Bingo on half price day!!!!

Drinks were definately expensive - I would say that was the downer - but neither Mel or I are big drinkers, so it was just the boys we had to worry about - and in that much sun, and with reminders about budgets - they didn't do too bad!!

Cabo was a neat place to visit.  I don't think it compares to the beautiful, lush, green land, white beaches and turquoise waters of the other side, but it is a pretty cool desert to tour around!! We did a "Rhino tour" and it was.... intense to say the least! Aside from fearing for my life as both Kyle & Melissa drove racecar style around curves and over sand dunes, I had fun!!!

Kyle got the highlight of his life when he held the baby tiger ---> see exhibit A! It was apparently some rescuse organization that was helping to save endangered species. I did not take down their name, nor will I google them, becacause if it wasn't legit - I'd rather not know - and I'd rather let Kyle happily remember this moment!! He was in awe!!! Thankfully the viscious little creature slept while Kyle held him. You can catch Kyle on the new animal network channel as "The Cat Whisperer".

Would I reccommend a cruise? For sure! Would I go again? In a heartbeat! Carnival Cruise lines was great - they were easy to deal with, and the whole process was mostly hassle free!!! If you are going cruising - get in touch and let me tell you about a few vital things to pack!!!!

Week 2 of my holidays was spent at Mom & Dad's - R&R and TONS of visiting with friends, and babies, and family!! It seemed like an action packed week - but at least 2 days I spent in bed until late in the afternoon - and  loved it!!!

To top it off - we bought a brand new mini-van.  But that is for another post.... coming up: Books Reviews from Spring Break Reading!!!

It seems fitting that my first book post would be about a Jodi Picoult book seeing how she is my favourite author!!!  I've read every single one of her books, including her book of short stories - and none of them have let me down.  Her new book is no different.

If you know Jodi - you know that her books all take on controversial issues - so the hot topics of "Sing You Home" include "Same-sex" rights, AND Invitro-fertilization and the topic of remaining embryos being "property" or "people" - a property disagreement, or a custody battle??

I enjoyed it.  I wouldn't rank it in my Top 5 favourites of Jodi's books - but I still really enjoyed reading it. My favourite thing about reading her books is that I find she always puts you in the middle of a moral battle, and while you think you stand strongly on one side or the other, she spends so much time arguing both sides, that she leaves you wondering if you actually know where to stand.  She's put me "back on the fence" on so many issues that I thought I clearly knew my stance on!!!

There is an accompanying CD that is supposed to help you to "feel" the characters better, but my Kindle didn't support the audio file, so I haven't actually heard it yet.  

If you're looking to start reading Jodi Picoult, don't start here - but send me a message and I'll help you find a good place to delve into her reading.  I often describe her as being the "John Grisham for chicks" - so if you're going to read her be prepared for court cases, multiple sides to a story, and CONTROVERSY - it is her specialty!!!!

Did you read it? Let me know what you think!!!!!

I got a Kindle for Christmas!!!

It's kind of a funny story!

I had been wanting a Kindle for quite some time, and unbeknownst to me my loving husband had ordered me one for Christmas!!! When Kyle's Mom & Dad came down, we all went shopping together for Christmas presents (because that is just kind of how they do things!) and they decided they would buy me an e-reader for Christmas!! Kyle somehow managed to convince me that I wanted the Kindle, and he promised he'd order it for me as soon as we got home!! After me begging and begging to order it, Kyle finally gave in, and admitted that he already had!!! It ended up being from Kyle's Mom & Dad, and Kyle got me an equally as exciting "actifry"!!

I LOVE my Kindle. I think the biggest thing I love (and Kyle hates) is the CONSTANT access to books.  They are literally at my fingertips - thanks to the convenient keyboard - and I can be ordering a book anytime, and almost anywhere!!! Although Kyle thinks one day we'll no longer to be able to put food on the table, the books are a great price - thus irresistible!!!

I didn't think I'd like reading off the screen - but within 5 pages - I was over it! It's great that you can change font sizes, change the screen orientation, or have your kindle read to you (in a rather robotic voice) if you get tired of using your own eyes!!! I also love that you can lay it down - on your lap, on your table, or on your treadmill stand - and not have to worry about trying to hold i open!!! 

It's easy to use - so far - no problems!!! I can buy books over the Wi-Fi, or from my computer using the cord!!!

I'm not advertising Kindle over any other brand of e-reader - because the Kindle is the only one I have and know!! From what I have heard from other people who own e-readers - no one is disappointed!!!!

Top 3 things about my Kindle:
1) My Jodi Picoult book was delivered wirelessly to my house the SAME DAY it was released for half the price it cost to buy it in hardcover!!!
2) One click shopping - it goes straight to my credit card.... CHARGE IT!
3) The 9 books I have read since I got it - are not sitting in a pile on the floor since my bookshelf is full.... and furniture shopping has dropped in priority on my To-Do List!!!

I started blogging once! But I put WAY too much pressure on myself!! I was being a perfectionist - rather than letting my blog be my journal.

This is my "Blogging Mulligan".

I'm going to use this as my journal.  The times I am most inspired to write, are after reading, so this will most likely be a place for me to promote my favourite books.... have book talks with myself (and any willing participant), but also to share stories - you know - the ones in life you THINK should be in a book!!

I've switched my Blog from Blogger to Weebly.  A new start - a new website. That and I HATED editing the blog on Blogger. This place is WAY more user friendly - other than that my blog had to have a homepage - but whatever!!