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Heaven is for Real 

I stumbled upon this book on accident really. It was in 'Recommendations for You' on Amazon - and I desperately needed something to read on my Kindle.  Within pages though I was hooked and by the end I had tears rolling down my cheeks. It is touching, and moving, funny & exciting and frankly... it has some pretty adorable parts!!
I think that anyone can read this book - obviously though it is written by a Christian, and it is about God & Heaven... but it may be the book that makes a believer out of you!!!

What gets me most about the book is that the Dad doesn't seem to be a quack.  I've since watched plenty of interviews, done more reading about the Burpos, and became a fan on facebook.  They seem like down to earth people who aren't in this for the "fame & fortune" of it.  

Maybe the other thing I loved about it is that after you read it, it's hard NOT to believe in Heaven - and not only that there IS a Heaven, but that it is as great as we've always imagined it to be!!! I find comfort in the people & animals that Colton talks about being there.  I guess it gave me a sense of peace - and it seems like it gave me the permission to let go of that chunk of grief that we tend to hold on to - the fear of the unknown.  

The book kind of makes you feel like you've just been told that everything you "hoped" was true - for the sake of those you have lost, and for yourself - really is.  It's the book that makes you feel like rainbows & kittens inside!

I've been asked if I believe it's possible that it is all made up - or that the child just has a vivid imagination and can make realistic pictures of things he heard in church.  Yes, it is COMPLETELY possible... but my feelings about it are similar to that of placebo pills.  It doesn't matter if it is just in my HEAD that they are making me better, what is important is that it is making me better.  Similarly, it doesn't matter if Heaven isn't REAL (because ultimately, by the time you find out, you'll be dead!).  If it gives us peace of mind, in times of grief & sorrow, and it makes us optimistic about "life after death" so we go through life living happier, and not fearful of the future - then it doesn't really matter if it turns out that it really is just another book.

 I think if God was going to reveal the truth to Heaven about anyone - it would be a child.  Heaven IS for real.....

When you live in Canmore - Heaven seems just that much closer!
4/11/2011 02:44:33 pm

Well now I am really excited to read this book!! Good ting I have this handy blog to remind me of what books I want to read :) Thanks Cousin!!


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