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Holidays - A Cruise in Review!!!

I have been on Spring Break for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 - - I can sum up teaching in Canmore with 2 short phrases: Jean-day-every-day. And. 2 weeks of Spring Break.

Week 1 we went on a cruise! It was FABULOUS!!! We were firs time cruisers - we had NO idea what to expect, and in order not to be dissapointed I set my sights low. I imagined a dingy, small boat, little light, crowded, line ups, and smaller than possible rooms!!! I was thankfully wrong about all of those things!!!

The boat was beautiful. It had tons of windows to see out to the Ocean, and it rarely felt crowded.  The food was AMAZING - I couldn't believe how much food there was!! We had a beautiful room with a gigantic king sized bed, and those white sheets that you just die to crawl into at night.  For some reason "white sheets" seems soothing to a sunburn!!!

I really enjoyed the "activities" side of things and we wandered from Trivia games, to shows, to karaoke, to .... well .... more trivia because we REALLY liked the Trivia challenges!! We even joined in on Bingo on half price day!!!!

Drinks were definately expensive - I would say that was the downer - but neither Mel or I are big drinkers, so it was just the boys we had to worry about - and in that much sun, and with reminders about budgets - they didn't do too bad!!

Cabo was a neat place to visit.  I don't think it compares to the beautiful, lush, green land, white beaches and turquoise waters of the other side, but it is a pretty cool desert to tour around!! We did a "Rhino tour" and it was.... intense to say the least! Aside from fearing for my life as both Kyle & Melissa drove racecar style around curves and over sand dunes, I had fun!!!

Kyle got the highlight of his life when he held the baby tiger ---> see exhibit A! It was apparently some rescuse organization that was helping to save endangered species. I did not take down their name, nor will I google them, becacause if it wasn't legit - I'd rather not know - and I'd rather let Kyle happily remember this moment!! He was in awe!!! Thankfully the viscious little creature slept while Kyle held him. You can catch Kyle on the new animal network channel as "The Cat Whisperer".

Would I reccommend a cruise? For sure! Would I go again? In a heartbeat! Carnival Cruise lines was great - they were easy to deal with, and the whole process was mostly hassle free!!! If you are going cruising - get in touch and let me tell you about a few vital things to pack!!!!

Week 2 of my holidays was spent at Mom & Dad's - R&R and TONS of visiting with friends, and babies, and family!! It seemed like an action packed week - but at least 2 days I spent in bed until late in the afternoon - and  loved it!!!

To top it off - we bought a brand new mini-van.  But that is for another post.... coming up: Books Reviews from Spring Break Reading!!!

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